System integration planning

Biologist Betta Langfield was a pioneer in the development of general systems theory. In 1945 he introduced models and rules for discussing generalized systems or their subclasses, without dwelling on the details of their particular species, properties, relationships or interactions among constituent elements.
Norbert Wiener and Ross Ashby applied mathematical methods to make major developments in system concepts.

Open source applications

It is a kind of computer software whose source code can be arbitrarily accessed. The copyright holder of this software reserves some rights under the provisions of the software agreement and allows users to learn, modify and improve the quality of this software. Open source agreements generally meet the requirements of the definition of open source. Some open source software was released into the public domain. Open source software is often developed publicly and collaboratively. Open source software is the most common example of open source development and is often compared with user-created content. The English word "open-source software" for open source software comes from free software marketing activities.

Virtual Application Planning

In computer technology, virtualization (technology) or virtualization (English: Virtualization) is a resource management technology that abstracts various physical resources of a computer (CPU, memory, disk space, network adapters, etc.), It is presented after conversion and can be divided and combined into one or more computer configuration environments. As a result, the indivisible obstacles between physical structures are broken, so that users can use these computer hardware resources in a better way than the original configuration. The new virtual part of these resources is not limited by the way in which existing resources are set up, geographically or physically.

Online Marketing Strategy Coaching

The interactive nature of Internet media's immediate response and reverberation in terms is the unique feature of online marketing that is different from other marketing methods. Online marketing (On-line Marketing or E-Marketing) is a new marketing method based on the Internet and using the interaction of digital information and online media to assist in the achievement of marketing goals. Simply put, online marketing is carried out using the Internet as the main means to achieve certain marketing goals.

Website design and hosting

Web design refers to the use of markup language to transmit information in electronic format through the Internet through a series of design, modeling, and execution processes, and is finally viewed by users in the form of a graphical user interface (GUI). Simply put, the purpose of web design is to generate a website. Simple information such as text, pictures (GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs) and tables can be placed on the website page by using markup languages ​​such as HyperFile Markup Language, Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, and so on.

Keyword Marketing Implementation Coaching

Keyword (Keyword), specifically refers to the vocabulary used by a single media when creating and using an index. It is a vocabulary in library science. Keyword search is one of the main methods of web search indexing. For example, the title of a book or part of the title, subtitle, and author name can be used as keywords for the search. Most of the books and online searches now use keywords. In contrast to keywords, there is also the application of derived words in retrieval.

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