SME e-series products launched in 2011

  • 21EIPOffice SME Cloud Mobile Office Portfolio
  • 21LiveEIP corporate portal or corporate action office system
  • 21LiveEIPKM Enterprise Knowledge Management Website
  • 21Live Online Project Management Project Office
  • 21CMS-X and 2CMS-J Fast Stand System
  • 21Live-eCommerce fast online shopping system
  • 21Live-eNews full-featured fast newsletter sending system
  • 21ProjectPlus Project Management Information System
  • 21SCRM and 21VCRM Customer Relationship Management System
  • 21Livesurvey survey system
  • 21 personal e-products
  • 21Live-eBooks full-featured e-book production system
  • 21LiveDocExpress high-speed compression undistorted file processing system

Agency goods

  • Pageauthor Australian e-book production system
  • High-speed compression undistortion software Documentexpress
  • Video conferencing software-jetcom JetCom
  • Meng Tian Product Series
  • New human products
  • Cloud technology application products
  • Software and hardware requirements planning and purchasing
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