Although large software companies have sufficient human and financial resources, they also have problems with rigid organization and high operating costs, which are unable to meet small and medium-sized projects. Small software companies have flexibility and competitiveness in organization, but they have financial resources. And fatal injuries caused by insufficient manpower.

  In response to the difficulties of software companies, the company established a strategic alliance system integration company combined with small software companies in 2000 to solve the plight of large and small software companies. Small strategic alliance partners can not only share financial expenses, but also Supporting each other's manpower and technology has enabled the company to complete medium and large-scale software projects on schedule with low cost and flexible manpower deployment, with remarkable results.

The development history of the company is as follows:

  • Established in 1998, it consists of three planning and construction professionals with communications, software and hardware, and application systems. In the initial stage, it was mainly a large-scale government informationization project that undertook the outsourcing of the Capital Planning Commission. In the past XNUMX years, we have undertaken software development projects of the Assets Planning Commission, the Agricultural Committee, the Fisheries Department, Taipower, the Cultural Construction Association, the Majing Hospital, Acer, Wistron, Keelung City Council, the New Human Information Technology and Food Bureau, etc. Not only the plan can be completed on schedule, but also the technical capabilities and service quality have been well received by customers.
  • In the second stage, in order to enable the company's rich experience in agricultural automation and informatization for many years, and to expand its capabilities in mainland China and other countries, the company undertook the three companies: Information technology consultancy programs, including China, Panama, and Papua New Guinea.
  • In the third stage, in response to the advent of the era of multinational networks, the international demand for software development, insufficient software development manpower, and government and enterprise outsourcing system development budgets, which have been declining steadily, the company has actively researched open network resources in software since 2008. Combined applications in development, currently has developed multiple systems, 21CMS-X and 21CMS-J two website fast-frame system, 21EIP enterprise portal system, 21WebKM knowledge management system, 21eCommerce fast shopping website frame system, 21SugarCRM system, 21epaper's full-featured electronic newspaper reporting system and other systems have completed more than 50 enterprises, associations, and government image websites in four years. Not only the commission fee is only 50% of the civilian software companies, but the development and construction speed is also 50% faster. Successfully set up image websites and shopping websites for more than 100 SMEs, guilds, associations and farmers' groups.

Based on XNUMX years of information planning and system building experience, he assists small and medium-sized enterprises and civil society to complete the company's informationization plan and goals with a new and simple informationization new economic policy.

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